• Goodyear Welted (Hand stitched)
  • Cow Nubuck Leather
  • Comfortable Insole
  • Cow Leather Lining
  • Leather Sole
  • 2mm Cotton Wax Laces
  • Quality packaging includes dust bags and a shoe horn
  • Free Global Shipping

Want to look formal in one meeting and casual in other gathering without changing your shoes, these plain Grey Nubuck Leather Shoes are here to serve you best…

These oxfords are smart and versatile, and can be worn for your Monday morning meeting, a casual night out and anything in-between. Grey nubuck leather shoes with oxford style and waxed dress shoe laces bring this classic into today.

Get up, dress up, comb every last strand of your hair and look your finest. It’s time to be Gentleman and to be there for someone who needs you.

These nubuck leather shoes are more formal than loafers but less formal than a derby. Wear them with no-show socks if you like the look of dress shoes without socks. Breathe in them.

Grey oxfords and a casual Black narrow jeans are a great pairing. Also, try these grey oxfords with a blue and grey suits. They are very versatile shoes for the most special of meetings and appearances.


-Care Instructions-

1.Shoe Trees and Rest

Your feet sweat about a quarter liter (half a pint) of sweat per day. That’s why they need to rest for at least a day with shoe trees. The shoe trees let them retain their shape, preventing cracking. They also help pull moisture out.


When shoes are looking a little lifeless, it may be time for a treatment. Brushing is the first step in that treatment. Brush the upper and the welt’s stitching.


After brushing, grab some saddle soap. Take about a splash of water and drop it into the saddle soap. With a brush, lather up the soap. Now, brush the upper with the lather. Dry the excess lather on the upper. Let it dry for 15 minutes.


There are many leather care products that fit this job. They will say they condition, moisturize, rejuvenate, or a number of other things.

Apply it. Once dry, brush it.

5.Color and Shine

Coloring your shoes is optional. It is only necessary if they have lost a lot of color or if there’s a nasty mark. Fortunately, shoe polishes sometimes do more than just shine your shoes; they can color them too. Grab a shoe polish and apply it to the upper using a new soft cloth. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes. Then, brush it off with a medium to hard brush.


Nubuck leather shoes does not required waxing because this leather has its natural finish, waxing may damage that natural finish.

7.Welt/Outsole Care

The welt should be brushed clean. Then, apply a heel dressing to it. Afterwards, wax it. The topside of the strip has stitches on it. Brush it clean with no products and apply wax to it as well.



US 10 / EU 43 / UK 9, US 10.5 / EU 43.5 / UK 9.5, US 11 / EU 44 / UK 10, US 11.5 / EU 44.5 / UK 10.5, US 12 / EU 45 / UK 11, US 12.5 / EU 45.5 / UK 11.5, US 13 / EU 46 / UK 12, US 14 / EU 47 / UK 13, US 15 / EU 48 / UK 14, US 6 / EU 39 / UK 5, US 6.5 / EU 39.5 / UK 5.5, US 7 / EU 40 / UK 6, US 7.5 / EU 40.5 / UK 6.5, US 8 / EU 41 / UK 7, US 8.5 / EU 41.5 / UK 7.5, US 9 / EU 42 / UK 8, US 9.5 / EU 42.5 / UK 8.5


Normal, Wide


Grey, Black, Brown, Custom (Plz mention in Checkout note)


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