+ About Us +

Like many of you, we are tired of modern culture especially the wearing. We don’t see the same respect men once had. You see it in how men dress.

Powerful, masculine attire was the norm. A polished look was the standard. Now, sneakers and sweat pants fill our streets.

Unfortunately, good quality clothing has become too expensive for most. Our goal is to change that. We make dress shoes that not only have superior materials but superior craftsmanship as well for just ~$200 with free global shipping. We are also aware that we have a responsibility to continue the rich heritage of menswear. Hence, our designs are modern while holding back enough for traditionalists to enjoy as well.

Our shoe makers with their proven experience of more than 50 years craft shoes at IBEX workshop right here in Lahore (An old city of Pakistan). We have gathered the authentic resources, traditional heritage and modern talent on one platform to appraise perfect handcrafted shoes via our products. We intend to revive the art of traditional craftsmanship which is about at the stage of extinction due to machine productions. We believe in connecting our craftsmen directly to our customers to provide them shoes which are “Handcrafted With Love”.



“Adding perfect shoe style & premium build shoe quality to your life by reviving centuries’ old ancient craftsmen techniques assured with precise attention to details and absolute comfort for your feet. Saving indigenous craftsmen and their centuries’ old craftsmanship from extinction.”




+ Tradition + Masculinity + Class + Community + Revival of Craftsmanship + Honor + You +


+ Why Choose Us +

IBEX aims at reviving the centuries old ancient craftsmen techniques where a handcrafted leather shoe does not only speaks for perfect shoe style & premium build shoe quality but also ensures the durability. Our craftsmen, with their 45 years of experience in customary handcrafting shoes, turn out the pieces of leather to impeccable self made leather based footwear development scaled up with modern shoe designs with a flare of ultimate grace. We craft best handmade leather shoes for you with love and precise attention to details, after quality assurance and best handmade shoe packaging delivered directly to your doorstep in 12 working days. We believe in connecting craftsman directly to our customers so that both ends can be at ease.