+ About Us +

Like many of you, we are tired of modern culture. There’ no substance to it. It’s pretty to look at, but not much else. Here at Ibex we offer barebone dress shoes for those who just want authentic dress shoes without all the nonsense.

No gimmicks, no sparkles, no bells, and no whistles.

When you refine a product down to its core, there’s nothing for poor quality to hide behind. Our shoes have nothing to hide.

Unfortunately, good quality clothing has become too expensive for most. Our goal is to change that. We make artisan dress shoes that not only have superior materials but superior craftsmanship as well for just ~$200 with free global shipping. We are also aware that we have a responsibility to continue the rich heritage of menswear. Hence, our designs are modern while holding back enough for traditionalists to enjoy as well.



A Return to Quality over Quantity thru a Barebones Mindset




+ Tradition + Value + Class + Community + Revival of Craftsmanship + Barebones + You +


+ Why Choose Us +

Barebones. What does that mean?

When you strip away all the sparkles, bells, and whistles….

When you remove all of the distractions which take away from the beauty of a well-made dress shoe….

The only thing left is the shoe itself. It’s at this point that we’ve reached maximum value! You are not paying for a “Made in Italy” stamp, or a fancy marketing campaign with some spokesperson telling you what to buy now. You are not spending your hard earned money just to be able to tell people what brand you’re loyal to. You are paying for the shoe, and the shoe only.

We respect our craft, our master shoemakers, and our shoes. We hope you do too.

Our dress shoes are made by artisan shoe makers in our shop. They come with over 50 years of experience. Our shoes include:

* Goodyear welted and Blake-stitched construction (all hand-stitched)

* Aniline full grain leather

* Quality packaging including dust bags and a shoe horn

* We even accept bespoke requests

Our prices are below our competitors. We keep them low by cutting out the middlemen..