“Free Global Shipping, from our workshop to your doorstep”

Direct to You!

IBEX Founder

Pakistani shoemakers are some of the finest masters in the world. They inherit their craft from a long line of shoemakers stretching back hundreds and hundreds of years. Our CEO hand-picked every one of our craftsmen.

When buying Ibex, you are not paying extra for a shady “Made in Italy” stamp. You’re also not spending your hard earned money just to tell your friends what brand you’re loyal to. You are paying for a quality shoe, and a quality shoe only. That is value!

We have “Direct to Consumer” model which means that there is no middlemen between you and us, so no extra cost. We craft your shoes in IBEX workshop and deliver directly to you through FedEx / DHL.

Another interesting reason is that Pakistan is one of the largest high quality leather producing country. So we have easy access to high quality full grain cow crust leather at reasonable price which tanneries usually export to Italy and other European countries. That is why you can enjoy Handcrafted Goodyear Welted shoes in under $200 including shipping. Isn’t it cool? 

*At last but not least, you can also order any desired customizations in your shoes.*