+ How We Do +

We have team of master craftsmen with over 50 years of experience. They belong to remote, untouched villages. They use knowledge and skills that have been passed down for several centuries. In an age where mass manufacturing is making handcrafted goods extinct, we are committed to keeping artisan footwear alive. Our leathers come from cows bred for meat production. Our packaging is made from recycled materials. We use aniline full grain leather. There is nothing better. Our out soles are selected from an Italian sole maker. We only produce Goodyear welted and Blake stitched shoes. In other words, we are providing real artisan footwear to real men.


+ Planning +

IBEX team highly believe that ideal planning is the first phase of successful end results. We value planning as it ensures that our customers get the standard product.

We have a specialized team for customized planning of every step in our system, which plan shoe making to craft highly comfortable, beautiful and durable shoes for today’s gentlemen.

Keeping a great wearing experience at the heart of our planning, we strive to deliver the best of a desired shoe that exceeds our customers demand.


+ Designing +

IBEX incorporates experienced and highly talented team of designers, who are not only qualified but their innovative minds give our products the special look.

Our creative team understands that designing is what gives the raw product a shape, look and class.

While reviving the true spirit of Traditional Craftsmanship while making in use of Ancient Craftsmen Techniques, we never forget to give the modern designing touch. This is what gives an attitude to an IBEX gentlemen.


+ Developing +

IBEX shoes development is the process we love the most because our indigenous craftsmen use Ancient Craftsmen Techniques and Tools which were used hundreds of years ago and now are the part of history in modern era because of mass production in factories resulting in low quality products.

We aim to re-familiarize our customers with the original traditional techniques of craftsmanship, which we use even today in the race of mass production. We believe in connecting craftsman directly to our customers so that both ends can be at ease. Some of our quality techniques are:

  • Goodyear welted Hand stitch
  • Blake Construction Hand stitch
  • Hidden Eyelets
  • Built-up Leather Heels
  • Foot Arch comfort sheet
  • Special leather stiffener at back
  • Hidden lining stitch
  • Hidden Nail Hammered Heel


+ Deploying +

IBEX along with step-by-step Quality Assurance has proper quality specialists who insures IBEX handcrafted shoes quality once they are completely crafted.

We are proud to have such amazingly captivating distribution channels, like DHL, to make sure that our premium build handcrafted leather shoes are delivered directly to your door step without any inconvenience. Thank goodness to the technology, our E-Store is fully functional to make sure that our amazing handmade leather shoes are easily accessible to everyone at a single tap/click.

IBEX handicraft shoes come with Best Handmade Shoe Packaging (Safe and recycled material) along with dust bags and cleaning cloth within the packaging and we make sure that our IBEX shoes delivered are FREE of any shipping damages.