+ The Crafting Process +

Here at Ibex we offer barebone dress shoes for those who just want quality over quantity. Through our barebones method, we make sure every move we make will end up in value to our customers.

Our Pakistani shoemakers are some of the finest masters in the world. They inherit their craft from a long line of shoemakers that have passed down their craft over the centuries. Our CEO hand-picked every one of our craftsmen. Our team of master craftsmen have over 50 years of experience crafting artisan dress shoes.

We are also an ethical company. Our leathers come from cows bred for meat production, so nothing gets wasted. Our packaging is made from recycled materials.

We use aniline full grain leather. There is also an Ostrich leather option. We only produce Goodyear welted and Blake stitched shoes. Everything is handstitched! We even offer bespoke requests. In other words, we are providing real artisan footwear to those who want a simple quality shoe.

+ Video – Crafting Artisan Dress Shoes +