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4 Tips to Take Care of Leather Shoes in Summer

Leather Shoes
Whether you have invested in bespoke oxford shoes or any other leather shoes, it is important to make a maintenance schedule for them in summer. Or else, they can wear out quicker than expected. Here, the team of IBEX has come up with 4 tips that can protect your shoes in the extreme summer season. They include,

Try Not To Wear Them Every Day

Leather needs to inhale, very much like your skin. You should have two sets of shoes in your cupboard, so you don’t need to wear a similar pair each day.

Your feet sweat throughout the day, and the leather ingests that dampness. Soggy leather is more vulnerable to extending, scraping, wrinkling, and staining. Wearing them with gap in-between days gives them sufficient opportunity to dry, expanding the life span of your footwear.

Clean Them after Each Wear

Keep a shoe brush or microfiber material convenient and give your custom leather shoes a speedy clean after each wear. This will hold any soil or grime back from being ground into the leather over the long haul, saving you from managing stains later on.

Clean Them Every 6 Wears

As you don’t need your leather to get excessively wet, you likewise don’t need it to dry out because it can break. Fortunately, there is a simple method to keep a good overall arrangement. Use a leather cleaner every 6 wears or something like that.

Shoe clean saturate the leather while adding a layer of insurance to repulse residue and water. It additionally reestablishes shading and shrouds scrapes and imperfections. You simply need to choose wax or cream clean (or both).

The cream is more saturating than wax. Wax clean offers marginally better insurance and a more elevated level of sparkle; however, it very well may be seriously drying. We recommend beginning with cream and getting done with wax, however, the decision is dependent upon you relying upon the completion you need.

Apply the cleaner to clean handmade leather shoes for men in a roundabout movement, utilize a microfiber fabric. If you need to go the extra mile, you can utilize a hairbrush to work it in more profound. Polish off with a cleaning glove and additional brush to buff the shoe and bring back the sparkle.

Store Shoes in A Dust Bag When Not In Use

Keep the bespoke shoes you bought online in a dust sack. Remember, residue can work its direction into leather shoes over the long haul, bringing about staining. On the off chance that you will not be wearing your shoes consistently, keep them in a texture dust sack to protect them while additionally permitting them to relax.

There are various steps you can take to draw out the natural existence of your shoes, such as utilizing a leather conditioner or taking them to a shoemaker for restoration, yet these four straightforward tips will do most of the hard work. You’ll be shocked how much longer your shoes last on the off chance that you take legitimate consideration of them. When you invest in custom leather shoes, you don’t want to get damaged within few years, and these tips will help them last longer for a favorable amount of time.

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