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How to Remove Odor from Leather Shoes?

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No doubt, leather shoes are the classiest and comfortable. But they tend to develop a weird odor after some time. Now, this isn’t difficult to get rid of. With simple techniques, you can get rid of it. In this article, the team of IBEX Shoes has shortlisted some of the tips to keep your custom leather shoes odorless.

A Mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Firstly, take a clean spray bottle. Now, add equal 120 ml of water and vinegar. Along with it, 4-5 drops of tea tree oil (if you have it). Then, mix the bottle well. Spray the mixture onto the cloth. However, make sure the cloth isn’t dyed. Or else, it can diffuse the color onto the shoes. Apply a very thin layer of this mixture, and don’t forget to wring the cloth to avoid excess application.

How to apply?

Take off the laces, if they seem to interfere in the process. Now, carefully rub the damp cloth on the insole, toe box, and sides. Also raise the tongue of the men’s handmade leather shoes you got, and clean the area. After this, take a dry cloth and wipe the shoe from these areas. Ensure the shoe is completely dry before you start using it. Otherwise, the smell can be worse than before.

The next step is to add baking soda and make sure to spread it inside the shoe. Let it sit there for about eight hours to see the desired results. Then, dust off the rest of the powder or clean with a wet towel if you have to. If you didn’t get the required results the next day, repeat the process once more. However, you rarely have to repeat it.

The Tea Bag Method

The next on the list is using the tea bags to remove the odor from handmade men’s shoes. Dip the two tea bags in boiled water. It will help them to act as a disinfectant. After removing them from hot water, let them cool down for a bit. However, if the shoes are very stinky, you might have to add 2-3 tea bags in a single shoe. Place them in the middle of the shoe, and let them stay there for two hours. It will take out all the odor. If the smell doesn’t fade away, repeat the process.

Spray Disinfectant

Make sure that the spray is safe to use on the leather. If it is okay, then spray it inside the shoe while holding it upside down. Do the spray for 3-4 seconds, and then let it dry for five minutes. Give it a sniff to see if the smell has faded away or not. If it hasn’t, then spray it one more time and let it dry again. Repeat the process as many times as required. However, make sure that the shoe is completely dry between each application. This way, the leather will not soak up any liquid.

These are some of the tips suggested by the team of IBEX Shoes. It will make sure that your handmade leather shoes will stay in the up-top condition without smelling terrible.

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