How to Remove Odor from Leather Shoes

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It is always a good idea to remove odor from leather shoes. Once you enter the bedrooms with a lucky gal you will have to take off your shoes, and any stink is a huge turn-off. If it’s really bad, people might smell them even when you’re wearing them. Remember, you might become nose-blind to the smell, so it’s a good idea to try any of these methods even when you can’t smell anything.

1. Baking soda

Find some old dress socks and fill them with baking soda. Tie the socks so no soda spills out from the opening. Place the socks in the shoes overnight. Ta-Da!

2. Sunshine

Leave your shoes in the sun for several hours. Odorful bacteria hate sunlight. Expose the inside of the shoe to the sun. Just make sure that they are remoisturized with a leather moisturizer if they dry out a little bit.

3. Freezer

Leave them in the freezer for several hours. This can kill bacteria and has the added benefit of keeping your feet cool during hot days if you leave them overnight.

4. Shoe Trees or Newspaper

After each wearing, stuff your shoes with either newspaper or shoe trees to draw out the moisture from the shoes. That moisture can turn into stink. This is more of a preventive measure than an odor killing one.

5. Fabric Softener Sheets

Keep some in the shoes while you’re not wearing them. They will help mask the smell. Just make sure the sheets are a smell you want on your feet.


Now that you know how to remove odor from leather shoes, all you need is one thing: The Shoes!


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