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Why people prefer Handmade Leather Shoes over Machine made shoes?

Have you ever given a thought why handmade shoes are more demanding as compared to machine made shoes? Why people prefer handmade leather shoes? What’s that much fascinating about these handmade shoes? I mean machine prepared shoes could be far better and long lasting as per the fact, they’re designed and totally customized through the finest procedures of advanced shoe making machines on earth. But still people used to go for the handmade leather shoes. Why? Why don’t they opt in machine made shoes in an era where everything is customized by machines and robots?

Ibex Handcrafted Wing Tip Oxford Boot

The answer to this simple question is the quality of handmade shoes. Quality is the foremost thing when it comes to building and designing handcrafted leather shoes. Machine made shoes are always made for higher profits. But in case of handmade shoes they’re especially built for Quality, Style, and Comfort along with decades of Experience, Love and Affection of the finest shoe making craftsmen on earth who can re-define your shoe style by just adding some sauce to your plate.

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Regular formal shoes or say machine made shoes are built up of artificial leather which used to wear down after years of use and they don’t even mould your feet properly. However, in case of handmade leather footwear you get the sturdiness as well as premium build quality. No doubt you pay a little more, but what you get in that is unforgettable! And when it comes to buying of formal office shoes, nothing matches the comfort and quality of handmade shoes. Most men find handmade shoes really expensive without knowing the hidden benefits of them. But once you know it, you start looking for it because you can’t compromise on the quality of handmade leather shoes you want to put on.

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Likewise, the strength and durability are also one of the most concerned factors in handmade leather shoes when compared with to machine made shoes. Handmade shoes are more durable and strong as of machine prepared. The Reason behind this includes the undeniable efforts of the indigenous craftsmen who tend to spend a lot more time on making these handcrafted leather shoes a perfect fit for the wearer, whereas machine made shoes are always manufactured in bigger quantities just for the sake of earning profits.

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Ibex handmade shoes are created for feel with fine experience. Ibex handcrafted leather shoes are totally different and offers 100% chance of a truly proper fitting and healthier feet. The handicraft leather shoes from the house of IBEX make you unique and perfect in footwear grooming. Our premium quality shoes give the wearer a breathing room. They secure the ongoing shoe durability, wearing style, and modern design while remaining enjoyable to wear.

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At IBEX, we’re always in quest of proving that the handmade shoe tradition is still alive and kicking. It’s time to go with handmade leather shoes customization with premium build quality. Ibex handicraft leather shoes are provided with the highest leather build quality at the most affordable prices.

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Furthermore, if you’re new to Ibex Shoes you can get a starting $20 Discount on your first order. Use the code “Firstorder” in checkout along with Free Global Shipping supported by 3 Months Return Policy. Visit our website today to see and start building your footwear collection from onwards.

IBEX is your Ultimate Choice for Shoes!

IBEX is your Ultimate Choice for Shoes!

Either you go with modern handmade shoes or bespoke premium build leather boots, IBEX handcrafted shoes are the best to put on. You wanna set the score with your elegance, and in case you want to feel excellent, there’s no better option than IBEX handmade footwear. Ofcourse, your shoe style is depending on your personal appearance. On an empirical level, however, handmade shoes trump their machine made counterparts on every occasion”.

IBEX: Handcrafted Shoes with Perfect Style & Premium Build Quality!


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