Handcrafted Leather Shoes with Perfect Shoe Style & Premium Build Shoe Quality!

Want Style! Want Perfection! Want Premium Build Quality! Consider buying IBEX handcrafted leather shoes. They won’t regret you on your purchase. Let me share some short story of IBEX leather shoe making traditions. IBEX’s origin falls back to that historical period when craftsmen were highly esteemed and admired due to their conventional handmade shoe making techniques. That was the decision making moment, when IBEX realized the evolving need of premium build leather quality to be introduced in shoe making for the upcoming world. From that day on wards, IBEX has always been on a quest of never ending journey by visiting best parts of the remote villages of Pakistan to find the ancient shoe making experts, so that the world can benefit from their magical shoe making knowledge on a broader scale. Shoe makers at IBEX possesses over 45 years of proven experience in customary handcrafting shoes. At IBEX we’re in state of reviving the creativity of traditional craftsmanship which is nearly at the stage of extinction due to mass production by machines.

IBEX Handcrafted Black Loafer Shoes

Ibex Handcrafted Black Loafer Shoe

Add to your work wardrobe with ibex handmade shoes without breaking the bank! This Handcrafted Black Loafer slip-on style shoe from IBEX features a very smooth leather upper with sleek seams, while the padded collar and insole, along with a premium leather outsole delivers all day comfort to the wearer. Just forget all about of your work shoes and take a relaxed breath by stepping forward in these professional handmade black loafers, from the house of Ibex indigenous craftsmen.

IBEX Handcrafted Zip Boots

Ibex Handcrafted Zip Boot

Why struggle with shoes laces when you can zip in and zip out with IBEX footwear collection of zipper boots for men. With its polished profile and double color leather ride, there’s nothing not to love about this men’s handcrafted Zip Boot by IBEX. With premium build leather and Goodyear welted stitch by hand this IBEX Zip Boot is just the right hit of your style, along with function of a super convenient side zipper so you can get out and start your day faster.

IBEX Handcrafted Tan Derby Shoes

Ibex Handcrafted Tan Derby Shoe

This classic Tan Derby shoe by IBEX gives you a modern update with a blend of Blake Construction Stitch Method by our finest and traditionally experienced craftsmen on earth. Team this versatile style tan derby shoe with a suit or to dress up a pair of chinos. A classic style gets a unique twist with this smart formal derby shoe. Pair it with a smart suit to complete your office boardroom look. Ibex Derby shoes are ideal for smart and semi-formal occasions, alike.

IBEX Handcrafted Cap Toe Derby Boots
Ibex Handcrafted Cap Toe Derby Boot

Captoe shoes are stylish, trendy and youthful! Made from the finest and premium build leather quality, this Ibex Handcrafted Cap Toe Derby Boot is not at all dissimilar to the classic Derby shoe. Like the famous high rise model, this men’s captoe derby boot features cow leather lining and hidden eyelets, which allows the wearer to widen the lacing as per desire. The high end leather sole used in this modernized handicraft cap toe derby boot is imported from Italy due to its unique characteristics. This modern cap-toe Derby boot by IBEX is an excellent choice for leisure activities.

IBEX Handcrafted Black Derby Shoes

Ibex Handcrafted Black Derby Shoe

Believe it or not, even with the changing temperament of office dynamics, conference tables being replaced by table tennis tables, and French cuffs giving way to stylish t-shirts; there’re still conventional professionals out there who still prefer formal shoes. Considering this element into being, our craftsmen have especially designed these Ibex Handcrafted Black Derby Shoes, absolutely perfect for such professionals. So wherever office you work in, this formal black derby shoe style is perfect to put on. The built-up leather heel with embossed logo on leather sole of this ibex black derby shoe is the style of such professionals.

IBEX Handcrafted Wing Tip Oxford Boots

Ibex Handcrafted Wing Tip Oxford Boot

This Maroon colored Wing Tip Oxford style Boot, hand stitched by IBEX Style Goodyear Welted Method along with the finest quality of Aniline leather is literally one of its kinds. The 6 inches height of this IBEX oxford wingtip boot make it the ultimate choice for formal as well as semi-formal occasions. Wear these handcrafted oxford wingtip boots on formal meetings, parties, engagements, dinners, etc. because we have made them for you with love and extra affection.

Free Shipping – “WORLDWIDE”

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - Free Shipping - “WORLDWIDE”

At IBEX, we offer Free Global Shipping to all our valuable customers. We always try to make sure the products reach our customers in a very safe, satisfied and quick manner in IBEX best packaging. We use DHL Express services for shipping. We start crafting your pair, once you place an order. You’ll receive step-by-step updating emails about your order. Once your shoes are crafted you’ll receive a confirmation email from our team. This email will include details about your Shipment and related Tracking Information. For International Customers, delivery time is 12-15 days, depending on your location on Globe. Shipping time within Pakistan is 8-10 days.

3 Months Return Policy

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - 3 Months Return Policy

We are very flexible with our customers because we value them, and as being a customer oriented company we offer smooth 3 months return policy for all our valuable customers. We guarantee you would never require this service as per the fact that our products are always free of flaws along with premium built quality. But still we extend our support if anyone ain’t satisfied with our products.

Why IBEX Handcrafted Leather Shoes?

Why IBEX Handcrafted Leather Shoes

Either you go with modern handmade shoes or bespoke premium build leather boots, IBEX handcrafted shoes are the best to put on. You wanna set the score with your elegance, and in case you want to feel excellent, there’s no better option than IBEX handmade footwear. Ofcourse, your shoe style is depending on your personal appearance. On an empirical level, however, handmade shoes trump their machine made counterparts on every occasion”.

IBEX: Handcrafted Shoes with Perfect Style & Premium Build Quality!


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