IBEX Premium Build Handmade Oxford Wingtip Leather Boot

On requests of our customers, we are writing down this article about the IBEX Wing Tip Oxford Boot. The article will be covering all about the IBEX Oxford Wingtip Shoes and why are these shoes better and more expensive than the regular dress shoes? What makes this Ibex Oxford Wingtip Leather Boot the best of all? Let’s start.

Unlike most other shoes and items of menswear, the ibex Oxford Wingtip Boots has one principal defining characteristic: their lacing system. Sometimes people use the term Oxford to denote any smart lace up shoe, even those with open lacing, but that’s not how we will define this Wingtip Oxford Boot in this article.

IBEX Wingtip Oxford Leather Boot

IBEX premium build oxford wingtips shoes

Oxford Wingtips are considered to be more casual than the Cap Toe. In black, these IBEX Wingtip Oxford Shoes can be worn to the office, but in dark brown it becomes more versatile because you may now wear them with casual outfits and looks, including your jeans. And especially in shades of maroon, these wingtip oxford leather boots are great for the office in non-white collar environments, sport coat or blazer ensembles. This maroon colored ibex leather men oxford wingtip boot is probably one of the 2nd or third shoes you should buy after you have invested in a black cap toe Oxford.

IBEX Oxford or Derby Shoes

IBEX Oxford Leather Shoes

Most of the people confuses the term Oxford with Derby. The term Oxford is used in the traditional sense, characterized by its lacing system or to be more specific; the shoelace eyelets that are attached underneath the vamp of the boots. This is also called closed lacing. On the other hand, a Derby has an open lacing where the eyelets are attached to the pinnacle of the shoe vamp. A detailed description of Oxford and Derby shoes is beyond the scope of this article, but, we’ve tried our best to configure out the foremost difference among the both. It’s the lacing system either it is closed or open which is the differentiating feature. So from onward don’t let yourself confused with the oxford shoes and derby ones.

IBEX Maroon colored Wing Tip Oxford style Boot

IBEX Maroon colored Wing Tip Oxford style Boot

This Maroon colored IBEX Wing Tip Oxford style Boot, hand-stitched by IBEX Style Goodyear Welted Method along with the finest quality of Aniline leather is literally one of its kinds. The 6 inches height of this IBEX Oxford Wingtip Boot make it the ultimate choice for formal as well as semi-formal occasions. With having ten hidden eyelets for beauty and the cow lining of this IBEX Oxford Wingtip Shoe guarantees style and comfort all along. The embossed logo of IBEX on this Wingtip Oxford Shoe guarantees authenticity and the 2 mm cotton waxed laces assures ease with premium built quality. Wear these oxford wingtip boots on formal meetings, parties, engagements, dinners, etc. because we have made them for you with love and extra affection. With the ibex premium build quality of these ibex Oxford Wingtip Shoes, we believe that they will surely add grace and comfort to your outwear.

IBEX high end oxford wingtip leather shoes

Majority of the men, teenagers and old, focuses too much on building their wardrobes from the top down instead of the bottom up. A proper wardrobe isn’t complete without proper footwear. Just forgive the repetition. Start adding on elegant and high end ibex oxford wingtip leather shoes for your wardrobe because wingtips are only one of the many options a man should have in his footwear collection. And they ain’t gonna make you regret on your purchase.

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes – Free Shipping – “WORLDWIDE”

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - Free Shipping - “WORLDWIDE”

At IBEX, we offer Free Global Shipping to all our valuable customers. We always try to make sure the products reach our customers in a very safe, satisfied and quick manner in IBEX best packaging. We use DHL Express services for shipping. We start crafting your pair, once you place an order. You’ll receive step-by-step updating emails about your order. Once your shoes are crafted you’ll receive a confirmation email from our team. This email will include details about your Shipment and related Tracking Information. For International Customers, delivery time is 12-15 days, depending on your location on Globe. Shipping time within Pakistan is 8-10 days.

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes – 3 Months Return Policy

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - 3 Months Return Policy

We are very flexible with our customers because we value them, and as being a customer oriented company we offer smooth 3 months return policy for all our valuable customers. We guarantee you would never require this service as per the fact that our products are always free of flaws along with premium built quality. But still we extend our support if anyone ain’t satisfied with our products.

Why IBEX Style for Handmade Footwear?

The Wingtip Oxford Leather Boot

At the end of the day, these premium built oxford wingtips shoes certainly should hold a place in the wardrobe of any well-dressed man. It just shouldn’t be the first place but it’s the best of all handstitched leather boots.

You wanna set the score with your style, and in case you want to feel excellent, there’s no better option than IBEX handmade Oxford Wingtip Leather Boots. Of course, your style is depending on your personal appearance.

On an empirical level, however, these handcrafted leather oxford wingtip shoes trump their machine made counterparts on every occasion.

IBEX: Handcrafted Shoes with Love & Premium Built Quality!


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