Why to Go with IBEX Handcrafted Leather Shoes?

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - One of a kind Inspiration

If you want style, comfort, and timeless fashion, IBEX handcrafted leather shoes are the best to go with. Try not to disregard your style and never make a bargain on your solace. It’s vital to have knowledge, and it’s significantly more important to touch up your look with the most ideal style. Machines can’t do everything, but with our top notch quality shoes you can always bring quite a bit to the table. It’s time to go with handmade customization of leather shoes at IBEXStyle.


At IBEX, we prove the Handmade Shoe Tradition is still Alive and Kicking…!

  1. IBEX Handcrafted Shoes – Quality upon Quantity

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - Quality upon Quantity

When it comes to machine made shoes, they are always made for quantity. They are pushed through mechanical production systems to hit edges, smolder off costs and make benefits for companies. Are they good? Beyond any doubt. Are they really worth it? Indeed, not really. At IBEX we believe in making handmade shoes with affection and premium built quality. Innovation has made some amazing progress, however a refinement still exists between quality made and quantity made handicraft shoes. Uniquely crafted shoes don’t hold fast to standard sizes. They are not by any means shaped on the same assembly standards as machine crafted shoes. For the obvious reason, their material needs to be more durable and at IBEX, sturdiness is the X-Factor of all. Machine made shoes are durable too, but a significant fraction of sustainability is lost in securing the company’s number games. To put it plainly, IBEX hand sewed shoes are built to last. They get more consideration amid creation.

  1. IBEX Handcrafted Shoes – Reconditioning & Reparability

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - Reconditioning & Reparability

High quality shoes are more repairable than machine made shoes. A very much created shoe’s reparability ought to be one of your top criteria with regards to premium quality shoes. Regardless of whether you are working with vintage designer boots or Italian wear, the capacity to recondition your shoe style is vital. Machine crafted boots, while actually repairable, lose structure when settled. Essentially, they are throwaway. IBEX Handicraft shoes may cost you more than machine made shoes, however their reparability extraordinarily enhances their value.

  1. IBEX Handcrafted Shoes – One of a kind Inspiration

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - One of a kind Inspiration

Handcrafted shoes are an inventor’s investment. Inspiration performs a key position in a selfmade leather-based footwear development, ensuing in a unique contact on each and each product. IBEX premium quality leather shoes serves as a unique inspiration to wearers. The shoe crafting method, whether or not taking vicinity over days or even weeks, calls for sessions, shoe concept drafting, leather heel, soul increase, pattern generation and lots of rest. Our handmade footwears are left to “sit,” to take form. No pair is alike, making sure the wearer’s completely unique fashion. Machine made shoes in the meantime are not nearly as self sustaining in appearance, sense or fashion. Perhaps machine prepared shoes are not even a match with our own handstitched leather shoes if we talk about long term durability.

  1. IBEX Handcrafted Shoes – Breathability

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - Breathability

Leather footwear undergoing a couple of manufacturing levels breathes better. In fact, handmade shoe craftsmen particularly focus on shoe breathability during the above noted “sit” stage. Machine prepared footwears using synthetic materials are infused with business stiffeners to speed up manufacturing method. It serves a motive, however it also detracts from the shoe’s overall solace. In the meanwhile, IBEX handcrafted footwear are created for feel with fine experience. Maximum of our footwear design procedure is contingent on shoe flexibility and inner space. Our premium quality shoes give the wearer a breathing room. They secure the ongoing shoe durability, wearing style, and modern design while remaining enjoyable to wear.

  1. IBEX Handcrafted Shoes – Versatile Leather


As said above, quality upon quantity persists in handmade leather footwear. Regular formal footwear are produced from artificial leather, which used to wear down after years of use however in case of IBEX handcrafted footwear you get the sturdiness as well as premium quality. Machine crafted leather based shoes tend to cut up, crack and lose color when not becoming the wearer’s foot nicely. IBEX Handmade manifestations however have a tendency to transform automatically to the individual’s foot. It includes comfort and furthermore expands the shoe’s versatility. Our premium quality Italian leather shoes lasts for years. It seems robust, shines and as absolutely adaptable to one of a kind environments. Handmade leather based soles are the Pakistan’s finest shoe choices at IBEX.

  1. IBEX Handcrafted Shoes – Free Shipping – “WORLDWIDE”

IBEX Handcrafted Shoes - Free Shipping - “WORLDWIDE”

At IBEX, we offer Free Global Shipping to all our valuable customers. We always try to make sure the products reach our customers in a very safe, satisfied and quick manner in IBEX best packaging. We use DHL and FedEx Express Services for shipping depending on the geographical location of customers. We start crafting your pair, once you place an order. You’ll receive step-by-step updating emails about your order. Once your shoes are crafted you’ll receive a confirmation email from our team. This email will include details about your Shipment and related Tracking Information. For International Customers, delivery time is 12-15 days, depending on your location on Globe. Shipping time within Pakistan is 8-10 days.

  1. IBEX Handcrafted Shoes – 3 MONTHS RETURN POLICY


We are very flexible with our customers because we value them, and as being a customer oriented company we offer smooth 3 months return policy for all our valuable customers. We guarantee you would never require this service as per the fact that our products are always free of flaws along with premium built quality. But still we extend our support if anyone ain’t satisfied with our products.

Why IBEX Style for Handmade Footwear?

“You wanna set the score with your style, and in case you want to feel excellent, there’s no better option than IBEX handmade footwear. Of course, your style is depending on your personal appearance. On an empirical level, but handmade shoes trump their machine made counterparts on every occasion”.

IBEX: Handcrafted Shoes with Love & Premium Built Quality!


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  1. Ashleigh Murray says:

    Nice post. The quality as per the pictures in your post seems to be great. Do you guys offer the same or is it just for the marketing part? Have visited your site, but couldn’t find much about footwear. May be you’re adding to it.

  2. Joe Starbuck says:

    I recently bought a pair of handmade IBEX Black Oxfords. They are beautiful, they fit perfectly, wear extremely well. So impressed with the “quality.” Handmade IBEX shoes are now considered a permanent part of my wardrobe.

  3. Ashleigh Murray says:

    What’s the shipment procedure? Do you’ve any company owned stores in United States? Wanna buy a pair of tan derby (brown) shoes for my boy friend.

  4. Ashleigh Murray says:

    I’d a really bad experience in my past with one of the top most brands of Pakistan. From that day I feel quite insecure before making any of online purchases especially from Pakistan. I like the derby shoes for my b.f. and was wondering to pay a visit to your outlet but my bad.

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  6. Ashleigh Murray says:

    As per consumers’ comments, ibex products seems to be of premium quality, but I’ll have to ask some of my friends back in Pakistan and will make a purchase after it. Thanks for helping out ibex. Will get back to you. God Bless.

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