History of Handcrafted Shoes

Handcrafted shoes is deep rooted in the historical era when craftsmanship was at its peak. Turning through the pages of history, during the golden age of craftsmanship, are seen truly in accordance with the traditional dexterity. The history, one that spans centuries, paints a meaningful portrait of a brand that fully appreciates the value of

tradition and how it can keep the skill grounded while propelling it forward.

Much like any structure, heritage is built from the ground up, maintaining stability and strength by staying faithful to foundations, possessing an astute sense of the present and an unwavering focus on the future.

The developers of handcrafted shoes are pure craftsmen who have knowledge of about 1900 years old process of shoe making. Handcrafted shoes at the present day are the blend of traditional craftsmanship, contemporary design, and communal beliefs that are handcrafted with love.

The class of shoes originates from the collaboration between the ideas of ancient craftsmen and designers, the idea of relating the craftsmen directly with the people who admire their art.

Browsing through time to the Bronze Age stopping down the ancient roads of Mohenjo Daro(One of the World’s earliest major urban settlements) that is where we found the modern ideas of handcrafting. The ancient craftsmen that hold their name are part of a civilization that has extinct. But the art has passed down to generations and is preserved in the pages of history.

The most elementary foot shield used by the ancient craftsmen in the Mediterranean area, was the sandal, which involved of a protective sole, attached to the foot with leather thongs. The manufacture of wooden shoes, was widespread in medieval Europe. They were prepared solely from piece of wood roughly cut into shoe form.

By the 1600’s, the handcrafted shoes came in two main types, slippers and riding boots. Handcrafted shoes became more commercialized in the mid-18th century, as it emerged as a cottage industry. Large warehouses began to stock handcrafted footwear in warehouses, made by many small manufacturers from the area carrying the concept from the ancient craftsmanship.

In 19th century, handcrafted shoe were still manufactured by traditional handicraft using the ideas of ancient craftsmanship, but by the end of 19th century, the process had been nearly completely mechanized, with production occurring in large factories.

Traditional handcrafted shoe still exist today, but they’ve added a bit of spark by blending the concept used by the ancient craftsmanship and modern civilization for the love of handcrafted shoe, which are still admired greatly.

Rushing through years, the handcrafted shoes have greatly revolutionized, the craftsmen are the creation of about 1900 year old process of close learning and innovation. The leather used for generating the products arises from ‘animals that have bred only for meat production’. That’s how the shoes introduces the genuine quality to today’s era to mix in modern civilization.

The intention to revive the art of traditional shoe making which has been completely forgone by the revolutionary advanced mechanical techniques. Handcrafting with love by incorporating concept and innovation make sure a result of exceptional products. Handcrafted shoes completely assimilate the standards vital to being an outstanding brand.


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